Sitting Postures To Prevent Back Pain

Back Pain

The human back is the main part of the body, which serves multiple purposes as it connects the upper part of the body with the lower one. Back consists of a complex network of muscles, ligaments, discs, tendons, and bones that work together to support the whole body enabling human beings to move easily.

Thus, any deformity or abnormality in any of your back components can lead to severe back pain. Back pain is generally common in aged people as it can result from poor posture, muscle strain, muscle stiffness, or any injury.

Postures causing back pain

Posture is a crucial way that can either help your back grow stronger or weaken it down. Posture determines your way of holding your body in different positions; sitting, standing, lying, or performing any tasks.

Your posture is directly related to your back pain or back ease. Therefore, good posture is a sign of relief that your body parts or the vertebrae are aligned correctly. Meanwhile, bad or unsupported postures increase the stress on your muscles and joints. Moreover, it weakens your back tissues, eventually causing pain and distress that is not bearable. Similarly, back pain can also arise due to sudden injury by incorrectly lifting a heavy object.

Since your posture is the primary thing that matters in every situation, it’s time to change your posture to avoid back pain. The lousy posture discussed below represents that you will experience back pain sooner or later. Few unsupported postures that can affect you are below:

  • Sitting without giving any support to your back
  • Slumping or slouching on one side
  • Lying on your belly while reading books or working on the laptop
  • Standing imperfectly where your one leg is bearing all the weight
  • Washing dishes while standing with a slightly bent posture
  • Lifting heavy objects by bending your back in an improper way
  • Sitting continuously in one position for an extended period of time
  • Bending your neck while looking at your computer or mobile screen

Sitting postures to prevent back pain

Since you have an overview of what kind of postures cause back pain, it is now essential for you to observe your sitting postures and change them immediately to get rid of your back pain.

Here are some postures for you that need to be kept in mind while sitting:

  • It is always necessary to support the curve of your back while sitting.
  • It would be best to sit for a little time in one position instead of sitting for hours in the same position.
  • Keep your hips and legs straight while sitting on a chair. Do not cross your legs or leave them down without any support. They must touch the floor or should be placed on a stool (if necessary).
  • Always sit on chairs with high-back and armrest supports because a chair without support will tend to make your back go in a round position.
  • While being at the workplace, adjust your chair height and the work station to sit closer to work and avoid bending your neck and back. Furthermore, make sure to keep your neck and shoulders in the right position to stay in a relaxed position.
  • Always twist your back and neck completely if there is a need to turn around or turn back.
  • While standing up, always ensure to stand in a proper way rather than suddenly getting up. Firstly, move yourself to the front of the seat. Secondly, stand up with straight legs by avoiding any bends at your waist.

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