10 Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain

One of the most common illnesses over which senior people nag today is lower back pain. Yoga is an effective therapy of your mind and body that eases your pain and enables your back muscles to take the pressure and stress off your muscles. So, people who are struggling to soothe their pain should adopt the following yoga poses.

1. Twist your spine

Sit on a mat by keeping one of your legs straight and bend another leg in a way that your foot is flat on the floor. Then, place your hand on the floor, right behind the sitting bone. After creating such posture, take in and out deep breaths and slightly twist your spine by turning on both sides for a few minutes.

2. Eagle pose

The Eagle pose is formed when you stand on your right leg by slightly bending your knees. Bring your left leg up towards your stomach and reach your left thigh over your right leg. Now, bring about your right arm under the left one by bending your elbows. Make a posture where your palms join together. You are ready to stretch your arms powerfully by bringing up your elbows and drawing your hands away from the face.

3. Cat-cow pose

This pose helps to stretch your muscles, eventually comforting your shoulders, neck, and lower back. To make this posture: first, stand in a cat-cow pose by placing your wrists beneath your shoulders and knees right underneath your hips. Then, balance your pose and by letting your stomach dropdown. Lastly, exhale and stretch yourself so that your chin moves towards your chest, whereas your spine towards the top.

4.Triangle pose

Create this pose by placing your feet three feet apart, where they become parallel to each other. Twist your right foot in a way that your right heel is parallel to the arch of your left foot. Now, stretch yourself completely by extending your arms to the side and rotating your body sidewise.

5. Bow pose

Bow pose is when you lay down on your stomach and reach your hands towards your feet. Now, grab your feet and slowly practice lifting your chest and thighs away from the floor. The chest must be drawn forward and your hips toward the sky.

6. Locust pose

Lay down on your belly and smoothly lift your legs and torso upward. Now, press your stomach towards the floor. Do not forget to inhale and exhale breaths while stretching and relaxing, respectively.

7. Leg extending pose

This pose is made by lying on your stomach and gently keeping your legs, feet, and pelvis on the floor. Then, slowly lift your upper body (head, neck, and shoulders) upwards and stretch your forearms out right in your front.

8. Child’s pose

In this position, sit back on your heels and bend forward so that your knees are placed together. Make your hands walk in front of you and raise your head upwards smoothly. Now, practice this form of yoga by stretching your entire body, ultimately releasing your backache.

9. Downward facing dog pose

Downward dog faced pose is beneficial as it helps in stretching out your calves and hamstrings. Similar to the child pose, keep your hands on the floor and kneel. Now, simply lift your pelvis and hips and press them back into downward facing dog posture.

10. Knees to chest pose

To relax your lower back, lie down on your back, and roll your knees towards your chest. Now, stretch your torso back and forth.This yoga pose will turn out to be an effective exercise for your back pain.

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