5 Best Sleeping Positions For Lower Back Pain

Your back’s posture or position shows whether your spine is aligned or not because, in the end, this is all that matters when it comes to the question of your lower back pain. Back pain is a common illness that occurs mostly in older people, so it is necessary to keep yourself fit and healthy by focusing on your sitting, sleeping, standing, and working postures.

Right sleep posture is the ultimate key to a healthy life through which you can ensure perfect alignment of your body bones, muscles, and ligaments. Thus, it is necessary for you to immediately focus upon your posture, especially sleeping positions, to get rid of your pain.

Although people do not give importance to their back posture while sleeping, the reality is that your back position has a strong effect on your sleep. Poor posture results in intensifying your back pain. Therefore, people undergoing lower backache should follow the below mentioned 5 best sleeping postures to relieve their agony.

Sleeping positions for lower back pain

1. Sleep on the back by supporting your knee with a pillow
The first and foremost solution for your back pain is resting on your back. This position is considered one of the best ways to relieve your aching lower back. Since your weight is distributed evenly among the body, it allows your muscles and tissues to relax. To adopt this position, lay straight on your back by placing a small rolled up piece of towel or any cushion to provide additional support to your back curve. Then, place a pillow right under your knees to keep your spinal structure even.

2. Sleep on your stomach by placing a pillow beneath
Sleeping in this posture helps your back muscles to release the stress and tension off your spinal cord. What you need to do for this posture is to relieve pressure off your spinal cord and place a soft pillow beneath the lower abdomen.

3. Sleep on one side by placing a pillow between your knees
Here is another trick that will help in the correct alignment of your vertebral column. What you have to do is get in the bed and sleep on either of your sides, then place a firm pillow in between your knees. Though it is an effective relaxing technique, if there is any problem, for instance, if there is a gap between your waist and the bed, then, for extra support, you should use a small pillow to fill up this gap. Practicing this position while sleeping will be beneficial, for it renews the normal alignment of your spine, hips, and legs.

4. Sleeping in a fetal position
Fetal position is where your body is all curled up with the knees tucked up into your chest. To sleep in this position, you need to lay down on one side. Then, bring your knees towards your chest until your back gets straight. Such a posture is highly effective because it prevents your spine from bending, helping the joints open up and feel relieved.

5. Sleep with your head facing down towards your bed
In this position, you should lay on your front so that your head is facing towards your mattress. Take a small pillow and place it underneath the lower part of your stomach and hips, which will ensure the correct alignment of your body. Thus, it will bless you with deep comfortable sleep.

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