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    Medicare Advantage(Part C)

    Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, covers everything Original Medicare Parts A and B cover. Many plans also include coverage for health and wellness resources. Medicare Advantage plans include an annual maximum out-of-pocket limit, and some plans offer premiums as low as $0 per month.

    Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Plan

    All of the benefits of Medicare Advantage with the added benefit of prescription drug coverage built in. Hospital, medical, prescription drug coverage in one easy-to-manage plan. Medicare Advantage plans include an annual maximum out-of-pocket limit, and some plans offer premiums as low as $0 per month.

    Medicare prescription Drug Plan(Part D)

    Medicare prescription Drug Plan (Part D) is a prescription drug plan for people with Medicare to help cover the cost of prescription drugs. It is available as a stand-alone plan or the coverage may be part of a Medicare Advantage plan.

    What is Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

    Medicare Part B is part of Original Medicare and covers services and supplies that are medically necessary to treat your health condition. Overall, Medicare Supplemental Insurance (which is also called Medigap) is a type of insurance that provides supplemental insurance on top of Original Medicare, which is the government program that provides health insurance benefits to seniors.

    Why to Choose?

    Reasons to choose a Medicare Supplement plan to insure your unique medical situation.

    • Freedom

      Coverage that travels with you anywhere in the United States

    • Flexibility

      You’re free to use any doctor, hospital or health care provider that accepts Medicare

    • Control

      Visit any specialist that accepts Medicare with no referral needed

    • Security

      Financial protection from what Medicare doesn’t pay

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    What you will learn in your free, no obligation Medicare consultation:

    • How Medicare Advantage works with your current Medicare coverage

    • What qualifications you need for a Medicare Advantage Plan

    • Which plans cover your part A & B deductibles, coinsurance, skilled nursing facility and much more.


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    Things to keep in mind when enrolling in a Medicare supplement plan

    • You can choose to enroll in one or both Medicare Supplement insurance and Part D prescription drug coverage.

    • You cannot have Medicare Supplement insurance and Part C (Medicare Advantage) at the same time. Medicare Advantage plans are not available in AK, GU, MP or VI.


    We Have Quality complete Expert Reviews In Our Company

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